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"Graphic Radicals": World War 3 Illustrated Retrospective at Exit Art in NYC


Graphic Radicals is a 30th anniversary retrospective of World War 3 Illustrated, comprised of original comics, drawings and paintings, posters, commissioned murals, documentary film, animation and a complete set of issues, Graphic Radicals will be the largest World War 3 exhibition to date and will highlight the history that World War 3 has scrutinized, documented, and participated in for three decades.

Upcoming Events:

Friday, January 21 / 7-9pm
Friends of Brad Will
With artist talks by Peter Kuper, Fly and Susan Simensky Bietila

Friends of Brad Will is a network of activists which promotes enhanced public awareness about the human rights abuses linked to the “war on drugs.” In that context, it works to promote government policies and actions that result in accountability for the murder, in Mexico, of U.S. journalist Brad Will; the release of and end to harassment of innocents and witnesses to his murder, who are being scapegoated with it; and the rejection of Plan Mexico.

Wednesday, January 26 / 7-9pm
Milk Not Jails
With artists talks by Sabrina Jones and Kevin Pyle

Milk Not Jails is a consumer campaign to mobilize New York residents to support the dairy industry and the long-term sustainability of the rural economy. It advocates for criminal justice and agriculture policy reform to bring about positive economic growth.

Closing Reception: Friday, February 4, 7-9 pm


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Cover by Eric Drooker ©2009

World War 3 Illustrated #39
Edited by Peter Kuper and Kevin Pyle

With all this talk about a picture being worth a thousand words and so much chatter in the news, but little being said, World War 3 illustrated presents our first wordless comics issue.

With comics and illustrations by
Eric Drooker, Mats!?, Geoffrey Grahn, Rebecca Migdal, Matt Mahurin, Carlo Quispe, Ryan Inzana, Seth Tobocman , Peter Kuper, Felipe Galindo, Mac McGill, David Sandlin, Barron Storey, Onur Tukel, Sabrina Jones, Steve Lafler,Andy Singer, Santiago Cohen, Kevin Pyle, Gerard Conte, Paula Hewitt , Edwin Vasquez, Terry Laban and an article on picture novels by scholar David Berona.

This new issue leaps beyond language barriers--sort of a Tower of a Babel, minus the babble.

All of us speaking one language again -- through pictures.

To see more art, animation and info about World War 3 illustrated visit:

Self Evident by Peter Kuper

Self Evident is an ongoing navel gaze of self portraits done over the last few years. You can see some here:

Self Evident


Picturing Politics
November 15, 2008
The New School Tishman Auditorium - Johnson/Kaplan Hall, 66 West 12th Street

Updates on Oaxaca Mexico at:
Postcards from Oaxaca

Art on display at the Norman Rockwell Museum
Through May 26, 2008
"LitGraphic: The World of the Graphic Novel."

March 26-28th, 2008
Appearing at the University of North Dakota Writers Conference
"Revolutions"with Salman Rushdie, Alice Fulton, Russell Banks,
Amiri Baraka and Junot Diaz

Mon May 5th 2008 : 8:00PM
Peter Kuper In conversation with Josh Kornbluth At JCCSF
3200 California Street
San Francisco CA 94118
(415) 292-1200


Richie Bush Premieres
The animated comic has gotten quite a bit of pre- and post-election exposure. See it at


On October 27th 2004, U.S. Customs sent a letter to Top Shelf Productions notifying them that copies of the anthology Stripburger had been seized, charging that "Richie Bush" by Peter Kuper constituted "clearly piratical copy" of registered and recorded copyright. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has retained counsel to challenge these seizures. "Richie Bush," appearing in Stripburger (Vol. 12) #37, is a four-page parody of Richie Rich that also satirizes the Bush Administration by superimposing the personalities of the President's cabinet on the characters from the comic. "

Customs seized fourteen copies of the issue containing "Richie Bush." Top Shelf is the American agent for Stripburger, an Eastern European comics publisher that releases anthologies of comics from cartoonists around the globe. Upon investigating the shipment, Customs released the copies of Miniburger, but held the issues of Stripburger, giving Top Shelf thirty days to either forfeit the shipment, request administrative relief, or initiate court action. At the urging of Stripburger, Top Shelf and CBLDF President Chris Staros brought the case to the attention of the Fund as a potential news story. CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein felt the matter warranted serious legal attention, so it was sent to Burton Joseph, the Fund's legal counsel, whose opinion was that Customs was unlawfully holding First Amendment protected speech.

The option of pursuing court action on First Amendment grounds was then taken to the CBLDF Board of Directors, which unanimously voted 8-0 to take up the case; Chris Staros recused himself from the vote. On November 24, the Fund retained counsel in Charleston, SC who hand-delivered a letter to Customs stating that the comics are protected under existing First Amendment case law and should be either immediately released or that court action should be initiated. "In this case, it looks like Customs is overreaching its authority," Staros says. "The comics in question are clearly within the acceptable bounds of parody, and there is absolutely no likelihood that consumers would confuse these works with the subjects that they are parodying."

So What Happened?
The copies of Richie Bush were finally released when challenged by the flaming sword of justice which is the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Customs laid down like dogs, releasing the copies and begging the stalwart heroes at the CBLDF to pardon their treacherous ways.

The End

Always Something New at INX

Inx Card

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Coming from PM Press and
Sexto Piso
Summer 2009:

"Diario De Oaxaca"

A 208 page full color, hard cover collection
of art, writing and photos.

See some of the work here:
Diario De Oaxaca
Diario De Oaxaca

Recent Publications:

Graphic Novel
"Stop Forgetting To Remember"



SPY VS SPY casebook 2!
Covering a decade of Spy vs Spy and much more
published by Watson-Guptill.

New Interview:

theo and the blue

Peter Kuper's first children's book, "Theo and the Blue Note" will be released October 19, 2006 by Viking Children's Books. You can preorder your book above on Amazon.

Now in Print:



The new issue,"Neo Con" #36 edited by Ryan Inzana and Peter Kuper, includes a wraparound cover by Sue Coe and art, articles and comics by "the usual gang of agitators" including Eric Drooker, Seth Tobocman, Sabrina Jones, Mac Mcgill, Ryan Inzana, James Romberger, Chuck Sperry, Nicole Schulman (who co-edited a recent book on the history of the Wobblies) plus a 9-11 strip by Zap comix luminary, Spain written byJustin Wertham, Joe Sacco's account as an embedded journalist in Iraq, "Princes Of Darkness", an article on the history of Neo Cons by Eric Laursen as well as comics and illustrations by Steve Brodner, Tom Tomorrow, Sam Weber, Barron Storey, Barry Blitt, David Rees, Knickerbocker, Matt Bors, Tauno Biltsted, Sam Evans, Felix Sockwell and Thomas Fuchs.


"A fun-filled expedition across the plains and valleys of cartoon America by the leading geniuses of today's happening comic-book scene."

- Dan Clowes Creator of Eightball and Ghost World More to come.

Jazz, rock and roll, baseball.
It has been said that Americans have only a few forms of cultural expression they can truly call their own. But there's one that's quintessentially American: comics. From comic books to the Sunday funnies, cartoonists have long investigated what it means to be American- the innate confusions and doubts as well as the jingoism and pride. Roadstrips is a unique comics anthology that takes a fresh look at our definitions of America in an era of upheaval and national soul-searching. Bilious narratives, thoughtful tales, and hilarious memoirs illustrate today's postmodern patchwork. Together they create a composite national portrait like few others, revealing powerful and thoughtful stories about coming of age as American citizens.
A stellar line-up of twenty-four of America's top alternative cartoonists, including Peter Kuper, Gilbert Hernandez, Jessica Abel, Pete Bagge, Richard Sala, Brian Biggs, and Lloyd Dangle, explore identity on both a personal and a national level in a medium whose affecting power is making an impact on our psyche.


A vibrant history in graphic art of the Wobblies, published for the centenary of the founding of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Contributors include Carlos Cortez (former editor of the Industrial Worker), Harvey Pekar (author of American Splendor), Peter Kuper (current artist of Mad's Spy vs. Spy), Sue Coe, Seth Tobocman, Chris Cardinale, Ryan Inzana, Spain Rodriques, Trina Robbins, Sharon Rudahl, and the circle of artists for World War 3 Illustrated.